Institutional Credit Underwriting in Digital Assets

M11 Credit operates at the forefront of bringing traditional capital markets on-chain by providing fixed income investment opportunities and credit solutions to established and profitable (crypto-native) companies. 

M11 Credit is part of the M11 Group, a global blockchain and crypto-native investment firm. 

Underwriting Services

Ever since we became active in July 2021 in institutional underwriting in DeFi we have steadily grown our underwriting activities.

We have cut our teeth in credit risk assessment by underwriting more than $750m in loans through our participation on Maple Finance, one of the most established DeFi protocols out there, where we underwrote loans to crypto-native companies, predominantly market making and trading firms.

We apply best in class practices derived from traditional finance combined with a strong understanding of the crypto eco-system. 

Along the way we have continuously improved our processes, built a deep network and strong track-record.

The experiences we gained on this journey sofar have helped us to become one of the leading participants in the still relatively young but fast maturing institutional lending and borrowing space in Digital Assets.

DeFi Credit Pools

DeFi protocols leverage on Blockchain technology to disrupt capital markets. They use efficient and transparent infrastructure to facilitate lending and borrowing activities in a non-custodial way.

The credit pools we work with issue loans to borrowers in the crypto eco-system that are cash generative and well capitalised. Currently, premier low-latency trading firms with market neutral strategies (i.e. no directional exposure to price movements) make up for the largest subset of borrowers and the team has developed deep industry relationships to attract only the highest quality companies.


Maple offers borrowers transparent and efficient financing and liquidity providers a source of yield through lending to diversified pools of established and profitable (crypto-native) companies.


Zest aims to make BTC a productive asset by allowing liquidity providers to generate yield on their BTC through professionally managed lending pools that lend to blue-chip institutions in the crypto sector.


Clearpool offers single-borrower, dynamic interest and continuous duration liquidity pools. The protocol provides institutional borrowers with flexible and efficient access to unsecured liquidity from global lenders looking for attractive yields.