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Underwriting Services

Tailored Solutions for Digital Asset Liquidity Providing

Asset Allocation

Institutional holders of digital assets seeking fixed-income opportunities can leverage the full range of M11 Credit’s capabilities and market intelligence. We assist with capital allocation questions related to risk management, counterparty selection, and pricing. By conducting thorough credit due diligence and evaluating the quality of proposed collateral, we ensure robust and secure funding practices. Our solutions also include structuring deal terms to align with business needs, providing insights into market trends, and preparing essential legal documentation, all aimed at maximizing returns and minimizing risks for our clients.

Initial Underwriting Services

Our initial underwriting services involve conducting thorough credit due diligence on counterparties and providing comprehensive credit memos. We assess the quality of collateral proposed, ensuring it meets our stringent standards. Additionally, we establish clear guidelines for acceptable collateral ratios, margin call thresholds, and grace periods to maintain financial stability and mitigate risk.

Ongoing Underwriting Services

We periodically evaluate the counterparty's financial and operational health to ensure continued viability. Our team ensures that collateral levels and credit assessments remain appropriate, adapting to any changes in the counterparty’s situation or market conditions.


Deal Structuring

Upon request, we can assist capital allocators in structuring deal terms to align with their business needs and risk tolerance. Our services can include tailoring repayment schedules, interest rates, and collateral requirements to match specific preferences and requirements, ensuring optimal alignment and financial outcomes.


Market Research and Analysis

We provide valuable insights into market trends and dynamics within the digital asset lending landscape. To make informed strategic decisions and to optimize outcomes, our team performs in-depth analysis on diverse digital assets, thoroughly assessing their potential. 


Documentation Assistance

We can assist capital allocators with the preparation of essential legal documentation for deals. Our expertise ensures that all necessary legal aspects are comprehensively covered and accurately documented, facilitating smooth and compliant transactions.


Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting

We perform continuous monitoring of a counterparty’s financial position and on-chain activity (in progress) to identify early warnings of counterparty deterioration. Additionally, we prepare periodic reports on the counterparty’s performance, highlighting key metrics and risks to enable proactive risk management.