Underwriting Services

Bespoke solutions based on
a battle tested framework

Bespoke Solutions

M11 Credit offers bespoke underwriting solutions that combine our expertise in issuing (collateralized) loans to (crypto-native) companies with our risk assessment infrastructure.

Our underwriting capabilities, market intelligence and extensive network can help allocators of capital with decision making around risk management, borrower selection and pricing and for companies looking to attract funding we can arrange meaningful capital introductions. 

M11 Credit brings:
  • Longstanding and deep industry relationships;
  • Insights in up-to-date pricing and collateralization trends through our existing loan exposure;
  • Expertise in deal (re-)structuring and implementation of comprehensive covenants that go beyond standard legal industry documentation;
  • On-chain monitoring framework.
Potential collaborations:
  • (Partial) outsourcing of underwriting process;
  • Tailored advisory services on specific counterparties or loans (f.e. risk assessment, pricing, asset quality etc);
  • Active collateral management;
  • A la carte use of resources (credit memo’s analyst access etc.).

Our underwriting framework

We have cut our teeth in credit risk assessment by underwriting more than $750m in loans through our participation on Maple Finance, one of the most established DeFi protocols out there, where we underwrote loans to crypto-native companies, predominantly market making and trading firms.

Along the way we have continuously improved our processes, built a deep network and strong track-record. The experiences we gained on this journey have helped us to become one of the leading participants in the still relatively young but fast maturing institutional lending and borrowing space in Digital Assets.


We have built a robust pipeline of high quality borrowers through dedicated business development efforts.

Client Onboarding & Preliminary Screening

The process to onboard a potential borrower contains several meetings / video calls to understand their business model and use of funds, obtaining KYC / AML information and documentation as well as the borrower completing our Due Diligence Questionnaire.

Credit Due Diligence

The final part of the DD is an in-depth analysis of financials and business review. All collected information including key metrics, risk mitigants and sector/market analysis feeds into our Credit Rating Tool and Risk Scorecard.

Approval & Execution

After reviewing all facts for the due diligence that has been completed we benchmark how a particular exposure fits into the portfolio concentration and risk/return parameters after which the loan terms are approved on the credit committee and the term sheet can be signed.

Portfolio Management

We receive monthly financials from counterparties where we have loans outstanding. And we conduct a periodic review of each borrower with the frequency determined by the corresponding risk. Where applicable M11 Credit can actively manage collateral.

Selection of partners we work with