Credit Pools

We participate in the following protocols



Maple is transforming debt capital markets by combining best-in-class compliance and due diligence with a frictionless lending experience enabled by smart contracts and blockchain technology.

It offers borrowers transparent and efficient financing and liquidity providers a source of yield through lending to diversified pools of established and profitable (crypto-native) companies.

Borrowers are selected among premier low-latency trading firms with market neutral strategies (no directional exposure to price movements) that have a strong and established track-record.

These trading firms have performed well during times of increased market volatility which makes them a suitable lending partner for investors looking for uncorrelated market exposure.



Zest aims to make BTC a productive asset by allowing liquidity providers to generate yield on their BTC through professionally managed lending pools that lend to blue-chip institutions in the crypto sector. Each lending pool funds loans to numerous borrowers, offering liquidity providers access yields from a diversified exposure. 

The Zest Protocol runs on Stacks smart contracts that are secured by the Bitcoin blockchain.

Expected launch in Q3 2023.


Clearpool offers single-borrower, dynamic interest and continuous duration liquidity pools. The protocol provides institutional borrowers with flexible and efficient access to unsecured liquidity from global lenders looking for attractive yields.

M11 Credit acts as a so-called oracle and provides input on the interest rate curve.

Selection of partners we work with